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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Jump Rope - The Real Benefit to Start Exercising With It

You might probably laugh at the reason because it is a funny reason but believe me once you focus on it you will realise that this reason is a real reason to consider using a "Jump Rope".

Jump Rope if good for the heart, it is good for the lungs etc. etc. it improves your cardio vascular function.

Yes we have heard it all. It has been beaten to death.

But today we will look at a reason that will propel you to put yourself in that situation and think if it happens to me then what would I do?

If you Google "Jump Rope" you will get over a few million results of pages showing the above.

Here is a screen shot that I just took for this very post. The results were almost like 3-4 million pages and after a few amazon advertisements selling jump ropes here are the first page results of jump rope workouts :)

Well now that you get my point, here is the situation I am talking about followed by the benefit.

Just imagine this is you walking with your girl and as you can see she is carrying a purse in her right hand.

(Image Courtesy -

Just imagine if someone snatches her purse and starts to run...

What in the world will you do.

You will run after him. So if you have adequate amount of Cardio Vascular endurance, you will catch him, probably beat him or let him go but get back what's hers or yours!

Now that is a Benefit for you. Increases Cardio Vascular Endurace is OK but how will that benefit you my friend?

This is what it will do to you. It will help you run and catch a thief who is running away with your girl's purse or you can even as a woman, chase down a man if you have enough endurance in running and pursuing someone.

Well that was a fresh thought that came to my mind and hence I have started taking up the Jump Rope seriously.

I will also upload my workouts as I make progress in my Jump Rope Techniques and I hope to share my Jump Rope Workouts with everyone as I finish them.

Hope you enjoyed the benefit that I was talking about. Let me know your thoughts on  more possible real benefits of the Jump Rope that you can think of.

We always look up the benefits and we get a list such as improves blood circulation, but what does improved blood circulation do to your body is important and that is the end benefit!!

This is not only a new thought of benefit but also a new way of changing the way we think about real benefits for us :)

Just my take though. Love to hear from you.

Mukund Kolhatkar

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