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Monday, December 8, 2014

Now... All It Takes Is An Android Phone To Get Fit!! :)

I was as surprised as you are right now but don't take it to be a false alarm, it is indeed true. It is actually all about Google once again and here is another winner...

Google has recently launched Google Fit which is an Android based application.

As usual not only is it free but it also is great for the following reasons:-

Before we get there, here is what the home page of the app looks like.

1. It lets you set a goal for yourself

2. It has sensors in-built into the app and these sensors will understand your level of physical activities such as walking, running and biking.

3. Basically it will sense any physical activity and will inform you and make you aware about what your current position is in terms of your health and fitness.

You must check it our today.

I have downloaded it and using it. I will come back with a review on 15 or 18 of December and would love to hear from you about Google Fit.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

What You Have To Think About Weight Loss??


You may not understand it, yet there is a sure brain science at work in fruitful weight reduction. It is no shock, then, that the magazine Psychology Today has investigated the issue top to bottom. In October of 2004, the magazine posted an article on its site specifying the encounters of Diane Berry, a medical caretaker expert who concentrated on ladies who had shed no less than 15 pounds and had kept up their weight reduction for a normal of seven years.

The ladies imparted some critical things in as something to be shared. Case in point, they all accomplished their weight reduction through either Weight Watchers or TOPS, which implied that they had a firm help organize as they attempted to keep up their weight. The gathering gatherings were very paramount, in light of the fact that they figured out how to perceive that they were positively not alone in their battles with weight. The ladies were additionally truly uncommon in light of the fact that up to 90 percent of people who have shed pounds wind up returning it on inside five years.

An alternate basic characteristic of these ladies is that they seemed to experience a significant mind-set move as they made the move from fat to thin. From all evidences, they seemed, by all accounts, to be discouraged when they were overwhelming yet, as they endeavored to get more fit, their mind-set lit up.

For these ladies, adhering to a good diet turned into a propensity a propensity they declined to break. They themselves perceived the gigantic part that brain science plays in weight reduction. They declined to offer into negative sentiments of disappointment and dissent and picked a positive way. The ladies likewise made it a point to weigh themselves frequently so they could graph their advancement.

What's more they perceived that keeping up weight reduction would be a lifetime battle. They realized that they couldn't endeavor a health improvement plan then set it back on the rack. They needed to learn new consuming examples that they could proceed with week in and week out. Sometimes, they compared their battle to that of a drunkard. As it were, they perceived the gravity of their issue and made moves to redress the circumstances.

Maybe the most fascinating part of these ladies' encounters was the way that their weight reduction really came in spurts. On occasion, they recovered their weight, yet they didn't let that stop them from their last objective. They just saw their setbacks as difficulties that they required to succeed. This may be the key mental quality that divides effective weight watchers from unsuccessful ones—tirelessness. Generally, these ladies had the capacity change their identities in a positive manner keeping in mind the end goal to attain their long haul weight reduction objectives.

An alternate fascinating part of this study was that it demonstrated that the ladies who had experienced weight reduction change were really content. This demonstrates the enormous mental effect that weight reduction can have on a single person. Once an individual is free from the load of additional weight, he or she is better ready to meet the difficulties of life head-on. The weight watcher profits from uplifting feedback, as relatives, companions, and collaborators compliment him or her for the weight reduction. Along  these  lines, getting more fit can be truly a life-confirming background and can prompt a more idealistic point of view.

It must be noted here that the brain science of weight reduction is a confused matter. There is no single fixing that can transform a chubby individual into a thin one. In any case, perceiving that there is a mental segment to fruitful weight reduction might, actually, be a large portion of the fight. Once an individual perceives that he or she is occupied with a mental battle, he or she is better ready to do fight. Via retraining oneself to look for solid methodologies to eating regimen, one can, basically, form oneself into another individual—one that no more lives to consume, however just consumes to l


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Do You Need To Eat Tomatoes??? Think Again


Do you consume tomatoes? Obviously you have realized that tomatoes are currently consumed effectively as far and wide as possible. You can discover tomatoes all around as a feature of foods grown from the ground.

A few masters said that tomato is known as a wellspring of force of sustenance, as it contains countless and minerals that can help our body's wellbeing.

Tomatoes have been initially developed in Peru, and afterward brought to Mexico. Presently, tomatoes are sold all over. In American supermarkets, tomatoes are regularly picked unripe, and matured away with ethylene.

Which one is better, unripe or ready?

Tomatoes that are matured away with ethylene, plant hormone created by numerous leafy foods as the prompt to start the aging process, have a tendency to stay longer, however have poorer flavor than tomatoes aged on the plant. They may be perceived by their shade, which is more pink or orange than the ready tomato's profound red.

In light of the sustenance substance, red tomatoes have more vitamin A than green tomatoes. However for this situation, green tomatoes have more protein.

In the event that you consume tomatoes ordinary, it is useful in averting disease to half. Tomatoes will battle various types of disease and ensure your heart from heart assault.

Why tomatoes are useful for wellbeing?

Tomatoes contain different sorts of fixings. Here are some of them:

*lycopene, one of nature's most effective cell reinforcements. It is useful to battle distinctive sort of infections, above all to battle disease.

*fiber in tomatoes avoids diabetes, asthma, colon growth, and brings down the measure of cholesterol from the body.

*vitamin C and A, cancer prevention agents which battle free radical. They battle against maturing, alleviate skin and hair.

*potassium, vitamin B6, folate, and niacin have demonstrated impact in bringing down cholesterol level, bringing down pulse and conflicts with coronary illness.

*vitamin K in tomatoes serves to manufacture bone.

*chromium and biotin make the body's capacity to process sugar and fat, which may enhance battling diabetes and help nerve capacity.

*riboflavin assists with vitality digestion system and battles against headache migraines.

In this way, on the off chance that you devour ready, unripe or tomato-based sustenance items (tomato sauce, tomato pasta and so on.) all convey numerous supplements with different components of activity to keep you from various types of sicknesses.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Do You Love A Treadmill? Then you will love this


The lifestyle of an average person of today is dramatically different from that of the past years. The convenience of having an automobile has decreased the time spent in walking to the destination. Televisions and personal computers have replaced outdoor activities. Fast foods have become a significant part of the daily diet. It comes as no surprise that such a
lifestyle can bring about a sedentary life among many, which is the leading cause of obesity. The awareness of the obesity phenomenon has lead many people to reconsider their lifestyles and take action supporting a healthier body through balanced and healthier diets and religious exercise.

With a variety of exercises available, one would often stop to think which among these options is not only the one that offers the best workout but also the most effective calorie-burner.

Believe it or not, opting for a treadmill workout can burn as much as 700 calories per hour. This not usually the case for other exercises like the bicycle and rowing machine, which give the impression of intensive workouts that equal significant calorie-burning.

Studies have been made by the Journal of the American Medical Association that supports this claim. They have compared the calories burned between the treadmill workout and the bicycle workout – approximately 200 calories per hour is the cited significant difference.

Treadmill workout is an innovation on the most superb form of the all-around exercise – Walking. Not to mention, the treadmill equipment must be one of the most popular home exercise. People who are affected by health conditions such as osteoporosis and hypertension choose this form of exercise because it aims to develop the lower body to strengthen muscles and build stamina.

The treadmill workout can be considered the best way to get the most out of routine walks. For one, since this can be an indoor activity, there is no need to worry if there is going to be any bad weather. The padded surfaces of the machine will not cause any strain on the joints compared to pavement because it absorbs more impact on both the legs and the feet. The overall pace of the workout can be easily adjusted by toggling the controls on the front bar.

Working out on the treadmill can be a problem for some people that there is a tendency to hold on to the arm rest for balance throughout the exercise. This will significantly reduce the effect of a good treadmill workout and thus, fewer calories are burnt. For one’s safety, it is sensible to grab the front bar and get on the treadmill if it is stationary or if it is slowly moving to avoid accidents. After getting the hang of the pace, try to let go of the arm rest to obtain the full effect of a treadmill workout. In using the treadmill, it is always advisable to start at a slow rate. Pacing is essential because this will determine the rate or speed that matches one’s abilities in order to sustain the workout. Also remember to look straight and be aware of posture to maintain good form.

Some people prefer to work on an incline while others don’t. If one is not comfortable with the incline, it is recommended to go for speed-walking intervals which are alternated with slower walking.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

You Don't Need A Fitness Personal Trainer- Personal View Of A Fitness Trainer

If you are looking for fitness personal trainers on the net, you will come across many many health and fitness websites extolling the virtues of why you should hire a personal trainer to achieve your fitness and health goals didn’t you? If you are reading this article of which you are doing now, you are probably surprised to find why a fitness personal trainer like me is telling you why you don’t need one. You will probably think that I am crazy. Perhaps I am. Well, read on and you may discover that I am not as crazy as you think after all.

• You don’t need a fitness personal trainer because you hated the commitment that entails once you hire a personal trainer. Anyway, you have been working out for many years without any commitment to anyone, even to yourself and that is why, you only workout as and when you are pleased. Well, you do concede that the results you get are never satisfactory and of course you are frustrated with your results. But what the heck, you prefer to waste time, waste gym membership fees and enjoy getting frustrated. You are entitled to your liberty.

• You don’t need a fitness personal trainer because you hated someone to push and encourage you so that you can achieve your health and fitness goals much faster. Your idea of going to the gym is to socialize and to chat up girls. So why should you subject yourself to a regimen planned by a personal trainer who can sculpt your body to be more attractive and desirable to the girls you wanted to chat up? Your beer belly will do just fine. Girls just love big beer bellies you justify to yourself. So who needs a flat tummy with those ugly six pack abs? You certainly don’t.

• You don’t need a fitness personal trainer because you believe in the precept of “no pain no gain.” So if you exercise using the wrong form and techniques resulting in painful or even worse, permanent injuries, well, that is pain isn’t it? So therefore with pain, there will be gains. Hmmm, such profound reasoning that even the great philosopher Confucius will be confused if he is still alive eh?

• You don’t need a fitness personal trainer because you pay your income taxes. So without someone to guide and train you scientifically, you will not lose much body and visceral fat, so you will still have that high blood pressure, that potential stroke and heart attack, so that you will eventually land in a government subsidized hospital and so that some of the taxes which you have paid will be utilized by yourself. That is great clever thinking eh? You are glad that even without a PHD in business studies, you can figure out how to get a wonderful return of investments from your taxes paid

• You don’t need a fitness personal trainer because you believe in conforming to the society. After all, most people in your country are overweight and not exactly glowing with good health, then why should you be otherwise? You are delighted to be like most people, obese and unhealthy. Hey, you are a good citizen aren’t you?

• You don’t need a fitness personal trainer because you can spy on people who hired personal trainers in your gym. You eavesdrop on their trainers giving instructions and then you secretly work out according to what you have overheard not realizing that each and everyone is different and workout plans are to be tailored to each individual condition factoring in other issues like lifestyle, dietary habits and even the choice of exercises. You prefer to “monkey see, monkey do” and eventually falling painfully off the tree. Or should I say falling off the Empire State Building where the mighty King Kong fell?

• The most compelling reason why you don’t need a fitness personal trainer is because you have downloaded my “Burn Fat Build Muscles Fast” e-books and now you have a personal trainer in your hands. By following the instructions in the books you have transformed your body tremendously and are now the proud owner of an attractive and desirable body not to say you are also glowing with excellent health and fitness. Whoever said that you need to hire fitness personal trainers in order to own a lean mean attractive muscular body that only others can dream of must be crazy, don’t you agree?


Friday, May 2, 2014

Back Pain… Disastrous!

You are entirely dependent on your back for loads of important tasks, so it is Imperative that you take good care of your back by regularly stretching your back.

Back pain starts very slowly and in most cases we overlook it because it is just slightly painful. We feel that we work too hard and so our back pains, but if we let it go unnoticed for long, then it can be very fatal and dangerous. There are so many cases of spondilisis coming up especially in cases of working executives.

I am also a working executive and I also carry my laptop for meetings and then carry it back home and back to office the next day. So all this time my shoulders and back are bearing the weight of my back.

To top it all, in office, when I sit at my desk, I site in quite a few positions wrongly thus aggravating my back posture.

Here are two quick exercises that you can perform when you workout so that you take care of your back and don’t give scope to any injury…

1.      Stand with your feet slightly apart. Bend backwards stretching your back and bend sideways as well. This will get you going.

2.      Spread your legs wider and then bend your back again behind and sideways as well.

3.      Get into a lunge position. Stay there and stretch your back behind.

4.      Next you can lay down on your back. Pick your legs as high as you can and stay there for a couple of seconds. Bring them down slowly. Repeat 4/5 times initially as you go to the next level.

5.      To do it a little more, you can put your hands behind your back and push your legs higher and point straight up. This is probably one of the best exercises for the back.

6.      Lastly lay down on your chest. Pick up your legs and your head and chest at the same time. Pick it only as much as you can and stay there for a couple of seconds. Repeat 4/5 times at the beginning and advance up as you go into intense workouts.

Small exercises can go a long way in benefiting your back so don’t take your back lightly. If you like what you have read then please do these exercises.

All the fast bowlers in cricket stretch their back before bowling the first ball and everyday if I am not wrong.

Let me have your thoughts.


Monday, February 24, 2014

Workplace ergonomics & desk exercises are necessary to reduce the effect of the silent plague of the 21st Century - Repetitive Strain Injury

Can a harmless mouse and keyboard inflict painful injuries?

Recently I was a guest at a lecture given by an ergonomic specialist for some 200 Investment Bankers and their staff at their headquarters. The speaker listed the most common computer injuries such as upper and lower back-pain, neck and shoulder pain, or painful wrists, and then turned towards his audience and asked how many have experienced one or more of those complaints. About a quarter of the bankers lifted their hands. A young participant stood up and said to the ergonomic specialist: "If you want the true answer you should phrase your question in a different way", she turned to her colleagues and asked: "Is there anyone in this room who did not suffer from one or more of those complaints?" No one raised a hand. Why did 75% of the bankers choose not to raise their hands if they all had experienced some form of computer injury?

Computer injuries are by definition to Repetitive Strain Injury – RSI. 

They are not accidents happening in split seconds, creating drama and drawing attention. They creep on us unaware and defenseless and when we become aware of a problem it often takes a long time to figure out the cause. Like bad habits, we tend to be ashamed of them: we feel it was so silly to have let such minor details like the distance of the mouse or keyboard from us develop into such major injuries through repetitiveness. Not knowing how to protect ourselves against RSI, or how to reverse a developing acute problem we postpone taking action until we have no other choice.

Computers and other gadgets are powerful instruments being operated for long hours by people who when reading the Users Guides will find nothing relating to the exposure to Repetitive Strain Injuries and to ways of avoiding those. 

Unlike medicines where counter-indications show up fast and often dramatically clearly indicating the cause, the slow and subversive nature of the RSI creates an absence of responsibility to the problem. The manufacturer sells the hardware and software and can not be held responsible for the use one makes of them. Employers often do not know of a problem and may not want to be bothered by such "trivial" problems like a distance between employees and their keyboards. External advisors are often asked not to put into their reports matters that may incur costs on the corporation and going to the gym is rarely regarded as a solution for a pain one has developed in the wrist. Physicians will treat the symptoms. They can not be expected to check every patient's work-station, or trace a shoulder problem all the way back to the use of a certain device.

The nature of the RSI problem and the size of it suggest that the only viable way to address it is to provide computer users (and other gizmo users) with an integral software/content accompanying product of both an ergonomic and protective training nature which is part of the package the user receives when buying/operating the device. Ergonomic instructions should be there for users to consult with, exercises should be available to call upon as training for protection, as training for pain relief and for injury reversal.

One unique solution to this problem has been developed by Desk-Trainer Ltd., a small company from San Rafael, CA and Tel-Aviv. Desk-Trainer has identified the need for an urgent solution/service to fill the void and created a software/content solution it offers as a subscription service over the web and in a corporate version. Their web-site offers advice for office workplace ergonomics as well as desk exercises, office stretches to protect against Repetitive Strain Injuries and to relieve computer injuries. Desk-Trainer is also adapting the content for PDAs and cellular to assist people on the move.
Individuals and corporations looking for ways to reduce the risk of RSI and increase employee productivity, should consider taking a proactive approach to the problem and investigate solutions such as Desk-Trainer as a way to reduce lost productivity and medical claims.


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Winter Weight Gain . The Reasons And The Cure!

Winter weight gain of a few pounds over the winter, happens quite often. It seems that every winter we acquire a few pounds, and come summer we don't lose them all again either. A few of them always stick around, adding to our weight every year. They can be quite hard to lose, those extra pounds!

Why does this happen and what can we do?

There are quite a few things involved. First, it seems likely that we have an inherited trait to store more fat as winter approaches. Several animals do this and it was probably necessary to survival for our antecedents. More layers of fat on the body protect us against the winter temperatures and then can be used as fuel in the late winter and early spring when food stocks would historically be very low. We likely have a tendency to eat more in the fall, when food is abundant after harvest time, to help this process along. We may also probably choose foods that are higher in fat
content at this time.

Hormone levels can also affect our weight gain. The interaction of hormones and other chemicals in the brain can bring about changes in appetite and desires. Some neurotransmitters can also affect the way we eat. People who have difficulty losing weight often have low levels of these neurotransmitters and the consequences can include excessive appetite, depression and sleep disorders. At the same time, the lack of daylight caused by the shortening days during late fall and winter can bring on Seasonally Affected Disorder(S.A.D.) or winter depression.
(question-Does vitamin D play a roll?)
One of the fastest ways to give a lift to the energy levels and emotions is to eat foods, that have a high carbohydrate level, including sugar treats, chips and cereals that give us a rapid blood sugar 'fix'. So people who feel down in the winter will tend to overeat or eat the wrong foods, leading to weight gain, more depression and a vicious cycle that is difficult to break.
(note: S.A.D. shouldn't be confused with clinical depression or bipolar.)
So altogether there are plenty of reasons why we eat more high carbohydrate foods such as cookies, pies and chocolate in the winter, and to make matters worse, most of these foods also have high levels of fats. The best way to handle this is generally to substitute other foods that are also high in carbohydrate so that we get what our body craves, but which are fat free and have plenty of fiber. This means potatoes, wholegrain bread without butter, wholegrain rice, cereals, and fresh whole fruit.

It is also important to take more exercise. Often our physical activity levels reduce in the winter and we have a tendency to want to stay home and rest. This is common when it is cold outside. But we are not our ancestors! We have heating in our homes and can be sure that there will still be adequate food in the stores come February. We do not need to store fat the way that they did. Join a gym or get a stationary bicycle for the den. Transform those carbs into energy now instead of keeping them on the waistline until spring. Winter weight gain is easily avoidable this way.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lower Your Cholesterol Levels Naturally!

Do you know what is Cholesterol is? We hear it almost everyday, so my guess is that YES. But just in case you don't, Cholesterol is a fatty substance present in the human body, 80% of which is manufactured by the liver. The other 20% comes from your diet such as meat, eggs and dairy products. 

We have always considered cholesterol to be bad. But that is not the case; there are two types of cholesterol, good cholesterol - HDL (High-density lipoproteins) and bad cholesterol - LDL (Low-density lipoproteins). High levels of LDL cholesterol present in the body enter the inner walls of the arteries and harden it, leading to coronary artery disease. Similarly, high levels of HDL cholesterol minimize the harmful effects of LDL cholesterol. Some measurements you can keep in mind to maintain healthy LDL cholesterol level.

Less than 100 mg/dL would be optimal
100 to 129 mg/dL is near optimal/ above optimal
130 to 159 mg/dL is borderline high
160 to 189 mg/dL is considered high
190 mg/dL and above is very high

Regular check up or screening of your cholesterol level is very important. 

It is recommended for men and women of 20 years or above to get the test done every five years. This kind of screening helps to keep your health in check. It also helps if the patient has a family history of diseases like diabetes, obesity or cardiovascular disease.

Tips to remember

Do your exercises regularly to keep your heart healthy. It also helps in burning out the excess fat you

Avoid trans fatty acids like French fries, cookies, cakes and many other fried fast foods.

Consume fewer carbohydrates by avoiding sugar, flour, potatoes and white rice. Avoid food which contains too much cholesterol like egg yolk, liver, kidney, brain etc. Stop smoking, it increases HDL levels by seven points.

Natural Ways to Increase HDL

Red wine consumed in reasonable quantity gives a positive result. It contains antioxidants such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir that slows down oxidation of HDL and LDL cholesterol. By drinking wine HDL level does not shoot up, but it contains higher level of various types of blood fats, thus making it useful for the body.

Drinking orange juice every day increases HDL level by nearly 21%. This is possible due to the presence of flavonoids.

Kidney and red beans are another source to increase HDL level. They contain low-glycemic carbohydrates which do not require insulin spikes during digestion.

Eating fish several times a week is very useful in increasing HDL level as it contains omega-3 fatty acids. Fishes like sardine, salmon, sea bass, herring and many more are some of the sources of good cholesterol. If you do not like fish, you can have fish oil supplements.

Olive oil contains the highest number of mono-saturated fats. Having 1-2 teaspoons in your daily diet would help you tremendously.
Olive Oil

Oat bran lowers LDL and increases HDL. Studies have shown that two ounces of oat bran per day helps in reducing 16% LDL and 15% increase in HDL.

Half raw onion per day increases HDL level by 30%.

Soy products increase HDL level thereby decreasing LDL.

Soluble fiber found in fruits like apples, grapes and citrus fruits are useful in increasing HDL level.

Guggul lipid a native herb used mainly for Ayurvedic medicine also helps in maintaining healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Green tea lowers LDL levels by increasing HDL levels.

Eat more fiber and include raw garlic in your diet, these are very useful in lowering cholesterol levels.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.


Monday, February 10, 2014

4 Easy Steps To lost weight in 2 weeks flat!

So you want to know how to lose weight in 2 weeks? It won't be easy, unless you are only very slightly over your target weight, but it is certainly possible. 

If you want to lose weight safely, you are much better off seeing these initial two weeks as the start of a consistent ongoing program. To give yourself the best chance of learning how to lose weight in 2 weeks, keep reading.

Lose Weight in 2 Weeks – Step 1

Setting realistic goals is vitally important in this situation. If you expect to lose too much weight, you could easily end up trying an extreme regimen that will be counter productive. Magic cures don't exist in weight loss, and it is critical not to over stretch and attempt too much. By following a realistic goal, such as, say, ten pounds lost, you can make a solid achievement.


Lose Weight in 2 Weeks – Step 2

To practice a weight loss program properly, you will need to know your optimum calorie intake. Any time you are over this limit, you are setting yourself back, so make sure you know it, and make sure you stick to it rigidly..


Lose Weight in 2 Weeks – Step 3

Perform regular exercise. Although it is possible to lode weight pure;y by dieting, you will never achieve the sort of results in a short space of time that you will by including vigorous exercise. Aerobic workouts which burn fat are easily the most effective, but do weight training as well if you want to. Your body will still burn calories, by exercising different muscle groups than usual. Be mentally prepared for the fact that you will need to do a lot of work to achieve much weight loss in two weeks!


Lose Weight in 2 Weeks – Step 4

Make the most use of free time. If you have set yourself such a close time target as two weeks, taking advantage of every spare moment makes perfect sense. Exercising can be done during short breaks in an office routine, often without anyone even realising you're doing them. If you can find ways to regularly make positive use of normally non productive time, it will help you meet your target.


Learning how to lose weight in 2 weeks is simple enough – it is a combination of frugal eating and a consistent exercise program to help remove excess fat.


Mukund Kolhatkar