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Monday, December 8, 2014

Now... All It Takes Is An Android Phone To Get Fit!! :)

I was as surprised as you are right now but don't take it to be a false alarm, it is indeed true. It is actually all about Google once again and here is another winner...

Google has recently launched Google Fit which is an Android based application.

As usual not only is it free but it also is great for the following reasons:-

Before we get there, here is what the home page of the app looks like.

1. It lets you set a goal for yourself

2. It has sensors in-built into the app and these sensors will understand your level of physical activities such as walking, running and biking.

3. Basically it will sense any physical activity and will inform you and make you aware about what your current position is in terms of your health and fitness.

You must check it our today.

I have downloaded it and using it. I will come back with a review on 15 or 18 of December and would love to hear from you about Google Fit.


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