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Friday, May 2, 2014

Back Pain… Disastrous!

You are entirely dependent on your back for loads of important tasks, so it is Imperative that you take good care of your back by regularly stretching your back.

Back pain starts very slowly and in most cases we overlook it because it is just slightly painful. We feel that we work too hard and so our back pains, but if we let it go unnoticed for long, then it can be very fatal and dangerous. There are so many cases of spondilisis coming up especially in cases of working executives.

I am also a working executive and I also carry my laptop for meetings and then carry it back home and back to office the next day. So all this time my shoulders and back are bearing the weight of my back.

To top it all, in office, when I sit at my desk, I site in quite a few positions wrongly thus aggravating my back posture.

Here are two quick exercises that you can perform when you workout so that you take care of your back and don’t give scope to any injury…

1.      Stand with your feet slightly apart. Bend backwards stretching your back and bend sideways as well. This will get you going.

2.      Spread your legs wider and then bend your back again behind and sideways as well.

3.      Get into a lunge position. Stay there and stretch your back behind.

4.      Next you can lay down on your back. Pick your legs as high as you can and stay there for a couple of seconds. Bring them down slowly. Repeat 4/5 times initially as you go to the next level.

5.      To do it a little more, you can put your hands behind your back and push your legs higher and point straight up. This is probably one of the best exercises for the back.

6.      Lastly lay down on your chest. Pick up your legs and your head and chest at the same time. Pick it only as much as you can and stay there for a couple of seconds. Repeat 4/5 times at the beginning and advance up as you go into intense workouts.

Small exercises can go a long way in benefiting your back so don’t take your back lightly. If you like what you have read then please do these exercises.

All the fast bowlers in cricket stretch their back before bowling the first ball and everyday if I am not wrong.

Let me have your thoughts.


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